The company – Phalaenopsis have been grown on the 2.5-hectare site in Nieuwaal, in the ‘de Bommelerwaard’ greenhouse area, since 2006. The company was previously known as ’t Nieuw Bos, and from 1 January 2018 it will be called Artisan. A new name and a new look to compliment this modern company. Artisan means craft and the name highlights the refined craftmanship that the Artisan people have at their fingertips.

Artisan sets itself apart with its superior quality orchids. A compact Phalaenopsis with lots of branches and flowers. Artisan also strives to create a resilient product, an orchid with an extra-long flowering period which allows high-end florists and garden centres to differentiate themselves. We offer our customers plenty of choice with a collection of around 40 different varieties in a wide range of colours. We set high standards for personal service, which is refreshing in this automated world.

Do you want to know more? We are happy to help with any questions about our company and products, and we would be pleased to discuss products opportunities, delivery options or our facilities.

Our craftsmen

Craftmanship. That is what each member of the Artisan team has. A driven team where everyone puts their heart and soul into the nursery and the products. Some people have worked at the company for a long time and we think that is very special. Together we have many years of knowledge and experience, and that’s why we call our staff ‘artisans’.

We are delighted to introduce these specialists.

Wilco Verhoeven
Henk Blom
Arjo Keijnemans
Lisette van de Werken
Marina Verhoeven - van Eeten
Erik de Boer
Arjan van Mil

Our permanent team is unique and full of enthusiastic staff with green fingers

The tricks of the trade

Secrets are not meant be told. But at Artisan we believe in transparency, so we don’t mind sharing more about how we work. Although the finer points of cultivation come from our specialist trade knowledge, we also use special plant treatments to keep our Phalaenopsis in perfect condition. We use an ethylene protection treatment and the H2Obloom watering system. This means that the orchids have a longer shelf life in-store and once at home with the customer. Our innovative nature also means that we keep up to date with the latest cultivation techniques and product development within the Phalaenopsis specialist area.


H20bloom is a watering system that helps the orchids to flower and grow during the logistics process and at home with the customer. The transparent vase contains a click system and a water reservoir which is attached to the nursery pot. This gives the plants enough water for 10 to 14 days. The capillary action of the stick enables the plant to draw up as much water as it needs. The reservoir can be refilled by gently squeezing the flexible H2Obloom vase and detaching it from the nursery pot.
The watering system is available on request with all orders.

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More about H2Obloom


It is very important for us that Artisan is an environmentally friendly business. We have achieved an A status in the MPS-ABC certificate which is the highest environmental level you can reach. This certificate is a unique world standard and a great benchmark to demonstrate how environmentally friendly our business is.
Something we are very proud of!

Our products remain in peak condition during the logistics process with H2Obloom.