The exceptional cultivation methods used at ’t Nieuw Bos have led to the development of some powerful Phalaenopsis. The Original Orchids flower stems are so strong that support sticks are not necessary. In addition to these specialist cultivation methods, the grower uses a H2Obloom pot with a water stick and protects the plants against ethylene. These measures ensure that the Phalaenopsis always has enough water and is resistant to the harmful effects of the fruit bowl. Original Orchids are available with 3, 4 or 5 strong flower stems.

The botanical shades of the orchids extend beyond the edge of the jungle… The Original Orchids collection has expanded. As well as the Original Orchid ‘White’, new colours have been added to the Original Orchids collection – ‘Blush’, ‘Stripe’, ‘Purple’ and ‘Yellow’. All varieties are available weekly.

Framed Original Orchids are also something new. You can read more about these on the website.