Artisan grows distinctive products with many branches and flowers. Our Phalaenopsis are full and compact with a height of around 50 to 60 cm. The two most important characteristics of all our orchids are exuberant, long-lasting flowers and a robust nature. We grow all our products using our expertise and we strive to make them ‘indestructible’. They have a wonderful decorative value thanks to the number of flowers. All products are recognizable by the handmade pot cover or packing box, with the new Artisan look. We also offer the unique Original Orchids as part of the Artisan collection. A classic that is exactly as nature intended; no sticks, clips or other artificial material. Pure craft!


Artisan Packaging

Artisan aspires to grow an ‘indestructible’ product with great decorative value. Growing phalaenopsis is a profession, a craft. This is the feeling we like to create with our products. You can recognise our creations by their artisanal pot cover, craft sleeve, packaging box and label with the specially designed sustainable Artisan look.

Original Orchids

This butterfly orchid is just as it was discovered in the tropical rainforest of Asia by adventurers around the year 1700: free of sticks, clips or any other artificial materials. This well-known classic is just as Mother Nature intended it; a vintage jewel that, in any home, will develop in its own care-free way. Create a botanic oasis in your own home with an Original Orchid!

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Folkestone is a special variety with a compact size and stacked leaves. The number of multiple branches is unique to this phalaenopsis, which produces a large number of flowers. Where does the inspiration for this plant come from? Think of the breathtaking white chalk cliffs near the English town of Folkestone. The rocks resist the power of the sea and give the coastline its unique appearance; strong and refined at the same time. Folkestone is available with 4, 5 and 6 branches. The product is supplied with H2Obloom and a pot cover, and the gravel print reflects the rocky feeling.

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The Living Collection by Artisan

Phalaenopsis but just a little different. On the wall, in an atmospheric corner or on display on the cupboard. The new brand The Living Collection by Artisan includes various decorations, specially designed for the artisan houseplants in our assortment, such as the lavish Original Orchids. Items such as the Metal Frame, Wooden Frame, The Box and Terrarium are currently part of The Living Collection, but this contemporary collection is regularly updated with new interior accessories. The Living Collection by Artisan products are delivered in a sleeve or gift box with a sustainable finish and appearance.

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Its compact size makes Trésor a real treasure within our range. Its opulence and abundance of flowers are particularly special, creating a luxurious look. Trésor thereby certainly lives up to its name! This Phalaenopsis comes with 2 or 3 stems in pot size 7 and is available in various concepts that give Trésor an even more luxurious look.

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All our Phalaenopsis receive the best possible start at the nursery. Ethylene plant protection, the latest cultivation techniques and of course our product knowledge and experience all ensure that Artisan deliver high quality Phalaenopsis. Follow some simple care tips to make sure that our products stay beautiful for a long time.

Care tips Phalaenopsis

  • Place our Phalaenopsis in a light place, but preferably not in direct sunlight.
  • The perfect temperature for Phalaenopsis is 20°C. Try to keep the temperature below 25°C and above 15°C as much as possible.
  • It is very easy to check whether the plant has enough water. Look at the colour of the roots regularly by lifting the inner pot from the pot. If the roots are dark green this means they have enough water. If they are a greyish-white, then the plant needs more water.
  • Water the plant once a week depending on the number of flowers and branches. The more flowers the Phalaenopsis has, the more water it will need.
  • Immersion is a good way to water orchids. Immerse your plant in lukewarm water for a couple of minutes so that the roots become saturated with water. You can then leave the plant like this for a couple of days. Drain the water afterwards and put the plant back in the pot.
  • Make sure the plants have as much light as possible during the winter until all the flowers have bloomed and then you can then move the plant to another place if you wish.
  • Phalaenopsis can be fed with special orchid plant food if necessary.
  • Does the Phalaenopsis have a H2Obloom system? Then you can occasionally top up the pot with a thin layer of water. The plant will use exactly the right amount of water.