Original Orchids

This butterfly orchid is just as it was discovered in the tropical rainforest of Asia by adventurers around the year 1700: free of sticks, clips or any other artificial materials. This well-known classic is just as Mother Nature intended it; a vintage jewel that, in any home, will develop in its own care-free way. Create a botanic oasis in your own home with an Original Orchid!

This is a real toughie. The flower stalks of the Original Orchids are so strong that support sticks are superfluous. They freely seek their own way in their habitat. This makes every plant unique. On top of unconstrained cultivation, the producer adds a water stick, and the plant is protected against ethylene, meaning that it is always sufficiently watered and that it is resistant against the harmful influences of the fruit bowl.


  • Available in ‘White’, ‘Blush’, ‘Stripe’, ‘Purple’ and ‘Yellow’
  • Pot size: 12 cm
  • Plant height: 45 cm
  • No of branches: 4, 5 and 6 stems
  • No of flowers: 24+
  • Flower diameter: 9 cm
  • Sturdy pot cover with botanical design
  • H2Obloom watering system included
  • Packed in transparent 6-hole tray
  • 18×6 per cc

Framed Original Orchids

These Original Orchids seem to float in mid-air surrounded by an iron frame which protects the sumptuous flowers. The frame is as indestructible as the plant itself, as well as being very unique and stylish… Framed Original Orchids is a complete concept and contains an Original Orchid. Delivered as standard with a stylish gift box.


  • A complete concept with frame and macramé hanger
  • Original Orchids in one of the many different colours
  • Number of flowers: 26+
  • H2Obloom watering system included
  • Stylish and durable gift packaging
  • Optimal loading and quality assurance
  • 21 frames per Danish container shelf
  • 63 frames per Danish container trolley (height 60 cm)